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Landside FAQ's

Our frequently asked questions for landside operations.

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  • Q. What hours will the VICT gate be open?

    Open every day, closing only between Saturday 14:00 to Sunday 06:00. 

  • Q. Do I need VGM on my PRA?

    When creating the PRA, the shipper has the option to select Weigh At Terminal (WAT). If this option is selected, the PRA will be accepted and the Terminal will weigh the container on arrival. This information will be sent to the shipper. For this service, VICT will invoice the transport carrier a VGM Weighing fee.

  • Q. Will VICT allow late receivals and what is the process?

    Yes, late receivals will be requested by the shipping line via Special Service Request (SSR). If accepted, the new late receival date will be updated on the container list and the carrier will be able to make a booking based on that new cut-off date time.

  • Q. Does VICT have any restrictions around Reefer containers?

    There are currently no booking restrictions on Reefer containers.

  • Q. Does VICT have any restrictions on Hazardous Containers?

    VICT will monitor its Hazardous threshold and may on occasion restrict some hazardous classes from arriving in order to maintain this threshold. Direct to vessel drop off and pick-ups for specific hazardous classes will be managed directly through a member of the VICT landside team.

  • Q. What if my truck is late?

    Access to the Terminal granted to Carriers arriving outside of their booked time zone will be dependent on operational demands and will be at the sole discretion of VICT at the time of arrival. Our standard late tolerance will be 15 minutes after the end of the booked time zone.

    Late arrivals serviced outside of the booked slot will be charged an Off Slot Fee.

  • Q. Will VICT impose the height restriction for deliveries of 4.3 metres?

    Yes. To meet requirements under Chain of Responsibility, it is incumbent on VICT to ensure that trucks loaded at VICT do not leave the terminal if they are over 4.3 m in height unless they have specific authority to do so.

  • Q. How do I run empties into the terminal?

    VICT allows Direct Empty Returns into the terminal to eliminate extra, unnecessary truck movements into Empty Container Parks. The transport carrier will need a valid PRA before making a booking.

  • Q. Can I do stack runs?

    Stack run in/out full will not be used.

    Stack run in Empty can be made available but is not desired by VICT and will only be authorised where necessary to facilitate empty stock level availability for a vessel.

    A minimum 60 containers per individual run is required to qualify for a stack run in.

  • Q. Does door orientation matter when dropping off or picking up containers from the terminal?


    All 20' containers and all Reefer containers irrespective of length must be received with doors "aft" (to the rear of the trailer). Shipping lines insist on doors aft for loading on the vessel. As our Automatic Stacking Cranes are not designed to turn containers, will need to re orientate the 20' container prior to loading on the vessel. This is the case for both empty and full containers and is a condition of sailing imposed by the outbound vessel. Reefer containers must be placed doors aft in the stack to ensure that they can be plugged in. If VICT receive any 20' container with incorrect door orientation, we will accept the container but charge an Export Turn Fee per container. If VICT receive refrigerated containers with incorrect door orientation, we will accept the container but charge an Export Reefer Turn Fee of as this movement would need to take place at the moment of arrival.


    Import containers will be placed on the truck with doors facing the rear of the trailer. VICT will offer a service to turn containers for deliveries if requested via our Support Team, please email This request must be submitted at least 8 hours in advance of delivery and will attract an Import Turn Fee.

  • Q. Will VICT prevent trucks leaving over allowed axel weights?

    VICT will provide the truck leaving the terminal with a ticket detailing the measured weight of the container, individual axle group weight and the gross weight of the truck.

    If the measured axel weights or Gross weight exceed the standard limits set by NHVR, the driver will be presented with their weight information and asked to confirm that they are driving within the limits of their own authorised limits.

    Where the driver accepts responsibility for the weights via the truck kiosk, they will be allowed to leave the terminal.

    If the driver considers that they are unsafe to drive out of the terminal with the displayed weights, they will have the option for the terminal to remove container(s) from the truck.

    Drivers must travel over the WIM at a maximum of 5 k/mph to achieve the most accurate result.

  • Q. Will VICT allow passengers in the cab for the purpose of training?

    Yes, provided that permission is granted in advance by VICT and we have all driver MSIC details.

  • Q. Who do I call if I have a system issue when trying to book or manifest my truck?

    Call the 1-Stop VBS helpdesk on 1300 881 055. If required, they will escalate the issue to the terminal.

  • Q. Will I be able to speak to someone at the terminal?

    VICT will keep carriers up to date with information via the 1-Stop notification tools. Carriers can contact the landside team at VICT using the following email address

    If carriers wish to speak to a member of the team, they will be able to call the landside enquiries line on 03 8547 9744.

  • Q. When can I book my container?

    Import containers can be booked when they are physically on the ground in the terminal.

    Export containers require a PRA and the export receival period must be open.

  • Q. Can I do dual running (imports and exports on the same truck)?

    The VBS is designed to promote the use of dual runs and this behaviour is actively encouraged

  • Q. Can I only pick up from one block at a time?

    No, you can select boxes from multiple blocks on the same truck, be aware however that this will involve your truck reversing multiple times. Where possible you should try to collect boxes that reside in the same block to reduce your trucks time in the terminal.

  • Q. How far in advance will slots be released?

    Slots will be released a minimum of 2 days out and up to a maximum of 4 days in advance, dependent on demand.

  • Q. Why are pick-up bookings only allowed after the import is discharged from the vessel?

    VICT have dedicated 'fixed' machinery at each stack to provide a consistent level of service for Transport Carriers. To ensure we do not oversubscribe pick-ups from each stack, we need to know which stack each container is located in prior to being booked.

  • Q. What if I can't get the slot that I want?

    If pick up slots are not available for the block where your container resides, you will need to book for a different time zone. Alternatively check back later in case a slot becomes available through a cancellation.

  • Q. Sometimes I do not know the export container number until the last minute. How can I guarantee getting a booking?

    VICT will facilitate the use of a TBA booking (To Be Arranged). These bookings allow the carrier to book a drop off slot without a container number, provided that they have a confirmed pick up slot booked in the same time zone. The container number will need to be added to the booking before the booking can be manifested.

  • Q. Does VICT allow bookings in Consecutive zones?

    Yes. VICT allows bookings to be manifested in two consecutive zones.

    Example of consecutive time zones are;

    • Container 1 booking for time zone 09
    • Container 2 booking for time zone 10
    • A single manifest can be created for both bookings but the manifest will attract the earliest time zone of 09. The truck must arrive between 09:00 - 09:59 to be guaranteed entry to the Terminal.
  • Q. When will you communicate the storage start for import containers?

    The published ‘First free day’ is assigned at the vessel level to signify when containers will start to become available for collection.

    Those containers still on the vessel after 06:00 on the vessels published ‘First Free Day’ will have the first free day extended to the following day to provide ample opportunity to collect within a 3 ‘free’ day period.

    Hit the refresh button on the 1-Stop VBS Container List to see the most up to date Storage Start date for your Import Container.

  • Q. Will I get extra free time if my unit is on border hold?

    Provided the container is selected for border hold prior to the vessels actual time of arrival (ATA), VICT will ensure the container has 24 hours free time on the container once returned to the terminal.

  • Q. How do I pay my VBS invoices?

    VICT accepts payment of invoices either through 1-stop/ComPay or via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    Customers electing to pay via EFT, can find VICT bank account details on the weekly invoice.

    If you have any further questions in regards to the payment of your VICT invoice please contact our accounts receivable team -

  • Q. Who do I contact if I have an issue with my invoice?

    For any issue with your invoice please contact

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