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Our Technology

VICT’s development delivers a leading global standard in modern container terminal design, innovation and operations, using best-proven technologies to deliver automated operations for both landside and shipside. Our technology brings the equipment to life, ensuring it all runs smoothly.

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Ship to Shore Cranes

At VICT we have seven neo-Panamax cranes that sit on the 800 metre berth. They are all twin lift, designed to lift two TEU at a time.

Our STS cranes are operated remotely, 1.2 kilometres from the wharf via fiber optic cable. Our crane operators have a live video feed with 16 cameras with up to 10 different views at one time. The multiple camera angles ensures full visibility of the operation.

The cranes can withstand winds up to 25m/s or 90kph and can lift loads up to 65 tons. 

Automatic Container Carrier

The ACC’s move the containers from the block to the back reach of the quay crane, which is 62 metres. They run on diesel and are guided by 15,000 magnets in the ground. They can last up to 60 hours before refueling. VICT has 17 ACC’s that work in tandem to optimise movements and time.

Automatic Stacking Crane

VICT operates a decoupled system with 26 ASC’s. This ensures we don’t lose focus on the landside when a ship is in. Our ASC’s have auto-truck handling technology built in and weigh sensors at both ends of the spreader to give an accurate weight of the load.

The driving force behind our ASC’s is the technology, there are multiple systems that speak to each other in order to be 100 percent automated. From the online vehicle booking system to the yard planning.

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