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Australia's First, Fully Automated Container Terminal

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Terminal Update

VICT's commitment to facilitating trade  

In this time of crisis and uncertainty, our supply chain is one of the most important areas to maintain. At VICT, we are committed to facilitating trade for the essential items that come through our ports for all Australians.

We have been working directly with authorities and using the most current information to implement safe guards to protect our workforce to ensure operations continue during this time. This includes managing the arrival of all vessels to our berths in accordance with the Australian Government Department of Health’s recommendations.   

Rest assured our goal remains the same; to provide a safe and reliable gateway for goods to Australian consumers, while delivering a leading customer experience to our landside and shipside services.

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How We Operate

We use the most advanced technology to fully automate our processes to deliver the extra capacity to the Port of Melbourne to support continued growth with 1 million+ TEU annually.


Our innovation lies in integration – selecting world class technologies to provide seamless operations end to end. VICT’s high-tech terminal ensures a safe working environment for its employees and customers with a proven and enviable track record in setting high safety standards.

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What We Value & Why

Our approach to stevedoring revolutionises business operations far beyond the dock.

We are determined to lead the Australian stevedoring industry into a new era of business efficiency, safety with accountability. We value partnerships with like-minded customers with aims of not only improving their own businesses but that of their customer too.

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