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VICT announces new CEO

Posted 3 years ago | 1 Minute(s) to read

VICT is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Vancampen as the company’s new CEO. Tim has previously held numerous senior management positions in Europe, Americas and Africa.

Tim will join the team at VICT at the end of November. He brings a wealth of knowledge in port automation and terminal management, having worked on one of the world’s first automated ports in Antwerp.

VICT farewells Anders Dømmestrup and thanks him for his the hard work and dedication over the past five years. Anders’ leadership and drive has delivered Australia’s first fully automated container terminal. This world class facility has brought new skills to the workforce and pioneered advanced technology used throughout the terminal.

Anders will remain a part of the VICT family as he takes up a position with VICT’s parent company ICTSI, headquartered in Manila.

“Webb Dock was a greenfield site when I arrived to pull together the original project team. Since then I have had the enormous pleasure of seeing it transform into the award winning terminal it is today. With almost three years as an operating terminal, I am confident the team will continue to set the global standards in port automation for the Port of Melbourne. I am excited about the next chapter for VICT.”

Tim will continue VICT’s vision, which is to set global benchmarks in port automation for Australia. These efforts have seen the Port of Melbourne shift its focus to a future outside the West Gate Bridge so that VICT can host the critical new large vessel capacity for the port of Melbourne.

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